Art at GIO Photography 2021 Contest!

GIO Gelati is committed to supporting art and culture through events and exhibits that will take place within its locations in San Francisco and San Ramon. That’s why we started our event “Art at GIO.” For Chapter 2 of this exciting adventure we’ve created a photography contest for high school students!


“Stay Home & Conviviality – Back to life!” is a Photography Contest created by GIO Gelati to invite a moment of reflection to the long period of home confinement that many teenagers have found themselves in, as well as the experience of school and relationships through a screen and the feeling that we are slowly going back to a normal life.

The contest is open to high school students from San Francisco and Bay Area. The contest will consist of a selection of images that represent the transition between these extraordinary months, specifically surrounding conviviality, the sharing of food and emotions and a euphoric feeling of going back to life.

The Home, re-discovered in its duplicity of safe-zone and limitation of space at the same time, and the lack of School as a space of discovery and experimentation towards the Other are themes full of contradictions that we wish to see discussed through the camera’s lens. Will life be the same?

The participants are invited to express their creative vision through photography. We wish this contest to be a meeting between technique, personal reflection and fun.
The cultural diversity between the participants, will be an interesting cue to discuss the vicinity/distance between these cultures.

The contest consists of the publication of a maximum of 2 photographs by each participant through the official GIO Gelati website’s dedicated section.

Open Call: The participants will be allowed to submit their pictures through the Gio Gelati website.

The deadline for submissions is the 21st of May 2021.


The winners will be selected through three rounds:

1st Selection by May 21st – an internal Jury will judge the 30 most appropriate pictures for the contest through the following criteria: appropriateness to the theme, expressive quality, originality, composition and technique. The 30 selected pictures will be published on GIO’s website and social media on the 20th of May 2021.

2nd Selection by May 28th – The selected photos will be available for voting by the public through the website and social media. The 10 most voted photos will pass on to the 3rd selection.

3rd Selection by June 4th – A professional jury will choose the victors among the remaining 10 pictures.

The prizes will be announced and published during an online event on the 31st of May 2021.


1st prize: A GIO Gelati Club membership of the duration of 3 months (GIO Solo every two weeks) and the participation to a photography workshop with professional photographers.

2nd Prize: A GIO Gelati Club membership of the duration of 2 months (GIO Solo every two weeks) and the participation to a photography workshop with professional photographers.

3rd Prize: A GIO Gelati Club membership of the duration of 1 month (GIO Solo every two weeks) and the participation to a photography workshop with professional photographers.

4-10 Prize: 1 GIO Gelati Pint of Gelato

All other Bay Area participants at the Photo Contest will receive a $5,50 gift card (3 months validity) to spend in any GIO Gelati locations.

The 10 final photographs will be displayed within the GIO Gelati locations, on Union Street in San Francisco and in the San Ramon City Center’s Courtyard.

How to Participate

  1. All participants will have to register to the GIO Gelati website.
    This will include providing truthful personal data and email address.
  2. Once the registration is complete, each user will be allowed to upload up to 2 images matching the following format: JPEG format, dpi resolution, 3002 x 4503 pixels; maximum 10MB size.
  3. The registration is free and open to all high school students from the previously mentioned areas without any other restriction. The final uploads must occur within 12 PM GMT the 21th of May 2021.
  4. The author of the images must be the owner of the copyright of any image with a subject eventually portrayed in the images. The author is the only person or entity responsible for this and will be assumed to be aware of it without need for any further documentation.
  5. The files must be accompanied by a description through the provided fields during upload.
  6. The only method of participation is the digital one previously described. No other submission will be admitted.
  7. All the images participating to the contest will remain property of their authors. GIO Gelati commits to use the images only in the context of this event and will not use them or distribute them for any other purpose.
  8. Every author will have to accept that in the event that their pictures shall pass the first selection, these will be published through GIO Gelati’s social media and websites.
  9. The winners of the final selections commit to grant GIO Gelati the right to use their images for print, for the purpose of displaying them in the previously specified spaces in SF and San Ramon.

Submit Now

Register here and send in your photos!

“Stay Home & Conviviality: Back to Life!” Photography Contest promoted by GIO Gelati in San Francisco, San Ramon (East Bay) May 2021.