Introducing Our New Event: Art at GIO

Art at GIO is our way of bringing art, beauty and hope to our clients and neighbors during this hard time. Restrictions, travel bans, and closed museums don’t have to stop you from enjoying the simple pleasures of life. In fact, this holiday season we invite you to the first chapter of this ongoing event. Stop by and be transported to a whole new world! 

Art at GIO Presents: Isauna Mitchell

Isauna Mitchell is a Taiwanese-American artist currently living in Rome, Italy. After studying films from a young age, she realized her love of storytelling was universal. It was only a matter of time before she was stealing her mother’s camera, in search of the next great shot.  

Isauna graduated from the Beijing Film Academy with a major in Directing. A passion for designing spaces led her to work as an art director for film and has since only expanded her knowledge of framing. Isauna is a full time freelance artist with a hands-on approach, completing work for shows and print alike as well as working on both design and graphic design projects.  

She enjoys creating picturesque scenes and using her specific lens to capture the world from her perspective. Ultimately, her process is more discovery than creation. She follows her curiosity and encapsulates moments and feelings. Isauna works from a place of multiculturalism, often gravitating towards inner reflection and growth. She believes the greatest gift an artist has is the ability to channel fears, hopes and experience into a representation of one’s potential.

The present collection of work includes two series: Back Again and La Cuccagna as well as various others. These collections dive into her experience of living in Italy from her own unique perspective. 

Come See Art at GIO

Art at GIO, combines art and a scoop of happiness into one. You could say it’s a match made in heaven. Have you ever wanted to eat gelato at an art gallery? Well now you can! 

From now until January 9th, you will be able to find Isauna’s photography in our stores. Come join us at either of our locations to be carried away to Italy through her photographs. 

San Francisco Shop: 1998 Union Street , San Francisco, CA 94123

San Ramon Shop: 6000 Bollinger Canyon Rd Ste 1510, San Ramon, CA 94583