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Blueberry Gelato: Our Spring “Superflavor”

Blueberry gelato is here! We’ve been enjoying blueberry season to its fullest with this new flavor! We believe that the natural seasonality of an ingredient greatly influences its taste. That’s why we have our seasonal flavors. We want to reach an ingredient peak potential, flavor and texture. That’s why April and May are the perfect time for Blueberries. Have you tried this rich, fruity flavor yet?

What are the Health Benefits of Blueberries Gelato?

Blueberries are among the most nutrient-dense berries. In fact, blueberries are believed to have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all common fruits and vegetables. Packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, these berries are full or all kinds of goodies.

Blueberry gelato is also a source of:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Manganese
  • Small amounts of various other nutrients

This rich fruity “superflavor” will have you ready for the rest of the day.

This gelato is made up of only three ingredients: blueberries, organic cane sugar, and water. It is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and egg-free.

Where to try blueberry gelato?

Stop by GIO Gelati at either of our locations as well as on most delivery apps for a cup or cone to try this fun seasonal flavor! We hope to see you soon!

You can also order a pint online on our online store:

Want Gelato delivered to you every 2-4 weeks?

If yes, join GIO Club! Simply choose one of 3 plans and pick your favorite flavors. We’ll worry about the rest! Visit us at GIO Club to sign up.

The Italian Tradition of Easter Colomba

Easter is around the corner and that means a day of sweet filled fun! Here’s what we’re bringing to the table to celebrate: Colomba, Gelato-Filled Colomba, and Gelato Easter Eggs.

Easter Colomba

Colomba is a traditional Italian bread made specifically for Easter. Related to Panettone and Pandoro, it is made from similar ingredients. However, the addition of candied peel, almonds and sugar sprinkles differentiate it from the bunch.

Another note of interest is the dovelike shape of the Colomba. After all, Colomba means “dove” in Italian. Doves are known to represent peace, salvation and resurrection: a key part of the Easter tradition.

Make Easter a little bit more Italian by picking up a Colomba. You can get a traditional version or if you’re in for more fun: a gelato-filled version is also available!

Gelato Easter Eggs

We like to put our own spin on each holiday and this time that means Gelato Easter Eggs! These Egg shaped bon bons are such a fun way to enjoy the day and you can even have your very own Easter egg hunt with them (in the freezer that is)!

Spread joy this Easter with a refreshing take on the holiday!

Where to get the goods

Call us, order online or join us in stores to make this Easter a special one!

GIO Panettone for the Holidays

Have you pre-ordered your gelato filled Panettone for the holidays yet? If not, we’ve got you covered. Don’t know what it is? Let us tell you. 

What is GIO Panettone?

Panettone is a type of sweet bread usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year’s. Originally from Milan, the act of giving a Panettone is a gesture rich in history and tradition.

The process is similar to that of sourdough, taking several days to leaven and resulting in a wonderful, fluffy masterpiece. You can highlight the dinner table this holiday season with a classic panettone or one filled with gelato!

Gelato Filled Panettone

GIO’s Panettone for the holidays comes layered with vanilla orange almond, chocolate and espresso gelato and topped with Chantilly cream. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect combination. Want to custom order your Panettone with the flavors you love? Just let us know!

Make sure to pre-order now so you have it by Christmas/New Year’s.

How to Prepare Your GIO Panettone

Once you’re ready to eat your Classic Panettone unwrap it and stick it in the oven for 5 minutes at 350°F. You can then slice your panettone (like you would a cake) and share it.

If you have a Gelato-Filled Panettone, preheat the oven to 350°F and then turn it off and place the Panettone inside for 2-3 minutes. We find the mix of hot and cold a delight to the senses! This step is entirely optional but we highly recommend it if you like something on the warmer side. Slice it and serve it to your loved ones.

Seasonal Flavors at GIO Gelati

Don’t forget to try our seasonal flavors while you still can!

Salted Caramel – A mix of caramel and fleur de sel French sea salt

Christmas Cream – Custard flavor crema gelato made the Italian way and topped with panettone pieces

Tangerine – A refreshing and tangy boost of Vitamin C

Sour Cherry – Italian cherries paired with creamy zabaione gelato

Where to Order Your GIO Panettone

Order now on our online store or stop by our shops. We have a wonderful selection of seasonal items and a small selection of quality Italian products to share with you.

We look forward to seeing you!

New Products In-Stores Now

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a small selection of quality Italian products in our stores this holiday season. This array was inspired by the 5th annual week of Italian cuisine in San Francisco organized by The Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco.

These new products all follow GIO’s philosophy of color, flavor and aroma. In fact, they bring a lot to the table. These all natural products are special not only for their high quality ingredients but also for the wonderful history and tradition behind them. Here at GIO, we take pride in picking the best of the best and sharing what we know with you.

We would like to introduce you to some of our favorite brands: SabadiPariani, and Chiaverini.


If you like chocolate then of course you’ll love Sabadi. They make chocolate according to the age-old Modica cold working process. This process fully preserves the cocoa’s unique and aromatic notes and the ingredients’ beneficial properties. We’re excited to share a variety of their products with you, all organic and all delicious.


The story of the Pariani brand is one for the books. Giovanni Pariani’s passion and skill for Italian pastries has changed the world itself. If you have tried their Panettone then you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

In our stores, you’ll find an array of Pariani products ranging from Hazelnut Spread to Pistachio & White Chocolate Pralines. Their selection of excellent raw materials and cutting-edge pastry techniques guarantee a product with a refined balance between tradition and novelty. 


The Chiaverini brothers have been making organic jams and marmalades since 1928. Starting just outside the walls of Florence, they selected fruit from the local farmers and transformed them into jams. 90 years later, they are a family name and not without good reason. By using the same recipes that have been handed down generation after generation, their jams and marmalades have become a literal taste of history. We just can’t recommend them more!

Want a little bit of everything? 

No worries, you can get a one of our pre-made bundles or hand-pick each item. In fact, don’t worry about treating yourself this holiday season. Eat well and enjoy the little things!

Where can you get the goods?

Come to our shops in San Francisco or San Ramon and browse the selection of goodies or take a look at our online store! 

Become a GIO member

Join the GIO membership program to be the first to try new flavors and receive exclusive gelato based recipes you can try at home! Just remember: it’s not ice cream, it’s gelato! Simply choose between the two available plans and our selection of flavors.

Summer is the Best Gelato Season

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always summer” — Lucy Maud Montgomery

Along with the heat, for many of us, summertime is associated with vacations, joy, and gelato.

Summer is the time of year in which we detach from our routines, take advantage of the good weather, and indulge in a delicious gelato from GIO Gelati.

Some of our best memories are associated with summertime, from the adventures and romance to the tastes and colors that only come in the summer months.

GIO Gelati brings these tastes and colors into our lives through the fresh and delicious fruits of this joyful season. Summertime brings us together, and we at GIO Gelati invite you to share in all of the delights this season has to offer, in our stores, or at home via our membership. Yes, because the GIO Gelati membership can take these delicious summer flavors right to your doorstep!

Think of flavors like cantaloupe gelato, which inspires pure energy, full of taste and aroma. In Italy, cantaloupe is the quintessential summer gelato flavor. It’s an inherently joyful fruit, with a color that emits rays like the sun. It lends its natural coloring and flavoring to every creamy scoop. Cantaloupe gelato will be coming to GIO Gelati in the next weeks or days. We are waiting for the exact moment when the perfectly ripe fruits become available on the market.

Color, flavor, and aroma. These are what make up our principle philosophy, which we want to share with all of you. 

Another summer must-have is watermelon gelato, which is both refreshing and nutritional. It’s low in calories and rich in nutrients. It can be savored at any time of the day, not only as a dessert. 

Watermelon flavor will be coming to our GIO Gelati shops in mid-August. This summer flavor is characterized by unparalleled purity and freshness in taste. All there is to our watermelon gelato is the natural amount of sugar and water already in the fruit, combined with just a smidge of cornstarch we add to make the texture delightfully creamy. Incredible, isn’t’ it? Yes, simple and pure.

We, at GIO Gelati, can’t wait to share this summer with you!

GIO Gelati in San Ramon is reopening

Don’t Hold Back Your Gelato Cravings, We Are Open for Business

As the country begins to open up, we want to share our plan for returning to a ‘new normal’, including how we are maintaining the health and safety of our customers and employees as our top priority. Before the initial COVID-19 outbreak led to the partial closure of our shops, we at GIO Gelati had been actively working to establish our business and integrate with our community. Although these unforeseen circumstances hindered our plans, they did not stop us from serving our gelato to you, when – arguably – it was needed more than ever. Shelter-in-place became a reason to start up our new GIO Club membership program, which has been a great success ever since! We haven’t and will not stop selling our gelato, and we are forever grateful to our loyal customers who have stayed by our side during this difficult period!

GIO Gelati employee serving gelato at the Union Street Location.

When are we open?

As the days get longer and hotter, we look forward to a soft reopening that involves the proper precautions to keep our clients and workers safe. Our San Francisco location has maintained (nearly) regular hours (M-F 11am-10pm), while our San Ramon shop has been less accessible due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are excited to announce that we are coming back with full force! As of June 5th, our San Ramon location is now open Wednesday-Thursday, 2pm-8pm and Friday-Sunday, 11am-8pm.

What we’re doing to maintain health and safety standards

At GIO Gelati, we are passionate about complying with the health guidelines that allow you to safely and comfortably enjoy our delicious gelato. As we reopen, we continue to make cleanliness and hygiene a priority during both production and customer-interaction. This involves regularly sanitizing all materials used for preparing and serving our gelato, frequently disinfecting the shop itself, and requiring gloves for team members and masks for everyone who enters our shops.

Why we are passionate about the San Ramon area

We love our San Ramon location! Our product is centered in fresh organic California produce. Working alongside some of the other small businesses in the area has allowed us to team up with other ecologically conscious companies to promote the production of quality food that doesn’t compromise sustainability or natural sourcing. The bi-weekly San Ramon Farmers’ Market is a great example of these efforts. Our gelato cart is now a regular sight at the Farmer’s market and a moment of joy for many patrons. There we also meet our new supplier for many of our fresh gelato ingredients, such as apricots, peaches and nectarines, all of which are now in season.

Little did we know that San Ramon’s City Center was designed by Renzo Piano, Italy’s most renowned living architect! It is so exciting for us to join a community that welcomes us with displays of our heritage, and also invites us to integrate and belong. Feeling at home, while being pushed to keep up with the ever innovative Bay Area, has felt like the perfect combination. Along with other businesses such as Delarosa and its authentic pizza, we are thrilled to continue to bring an Italian touch to this hub of culinary ventures.

GIO Gelati shop in San Ramon Bishop City Center
GIO Gelati shop at City Center Bishop Ranch.
Nectarine Gelato Flavor at GIO Gelati in San Francisco

Seasonal Gelato Flavors: Peach

Ah summertime, marked by longer days and warmer nights. Summer aromas fill the air: sea salt, sunscreen, hot pavement and chlorine. A fresh array of fruit begins to hit the stores and farmers’ markets. At GIO Gelati this change in season marks a shift in the fresh gelato flavors we offer. We always use the freshest ingredients for our gelato, so we only use seasonal fruits for our sorbets! All of our vegan gelato flavors are made through the simple combination of water, sugar and the most succulent seasonal fruits we can find. This allows our customers to experience the freshness of California produce.

Right now, peaches are in season, so the peach and its many variations are what we are using to make our gelato. This includes the white peach, yellow peach, nectarine and apricot. Through the gelato-making process, we make sure to retain each fruit’s original pulp, creating an end product that stays true to its rich texture and flavor.

Every fruit that nature gifts us has qualities that remain imprinted within our “food/taste memory.” These qualities become part of our legacy and accompany us in the path of life, forming a story of emotions and memories through flavor.

Let’s consider the peach varieties we use as ingredients for our seasonal gelato.

The Yellow Peach

The yellow flesh peach is a common type of peach, which becomes a dense and deeply colored paste during the gelato-making process. The vivid tones of the yellow peach mimic the warmth and coloring of the sun’s rays, shifting to a sunset red orange as it ripens. The yellow peach emits an unmistakably summertime perfume that grows in potency the riper the fruit gets and that we capture in our gelato.

The Nectarine

The nectarine peach has a unique, arguably more interesting character. It is defined by its smooth skin, along with its coloring, varying from deep red to bordeaux purple, and everything in between. Its lavish scent distinguishes it from its peach sisters. The skin of the nectarine is remarkably more flavorful in smell and taste than its pulp because of the way it absorbs heat from the sun. As such, flavor permeates the nectarine through the skin, giving it a boldly sweet taste as it matures. For this reason we include the skin together with the pulp of the organic nectarines that we use for our gelato.

The White Peach

The white flesh peach is the most gentle of the bunch, both in terms of scent and flavor. Rosy skin, white pulp, and delicate aroma define the would be “runt” of the peach family. But don’t you dare underestimate her. Exquisite, but mighty, the white peach has a subtle way of making its taster succumb to its charms. This diaphanous fruit transforms into a light and creamy gelato, and pairs as the perfect foil to the summer heat.

The intersection of senses and emotions that we are able to explore through the appreciation of nature’s fruits defines GIO Gelati’s mission in the ability to create, experiment and establish a “food memory” through our product.

Nectarine Gelato Flavor at GIO Gelati in San Francisco
Nectarine Gelato Flavor at GIO Gelati in San Francisco

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 with a GIO Cake and Flowers

Gelato and Mother’s Day, go together like…well…like gelato and cake! This Mother’s Day 2020, we at GIO Gelati want to make sure our mothers know how much we appreciate them. And nothing celebrates a year’s worth of mamma’s love like the GIO Gelati Mother’s Day Cake! As a matter of fact, in Italian, “I love you, mom” actually translates to “Here is some gelato!” (Trust us on this, no need to google that one). So, it will come as no surprise that gelato is a big part of our Mother’s Day Italian tradition. 

Mother’s Day is a big part of our Italian heritage

In Italy, Festa della Mamma (Mother’s Day) is celebrated on the same day as it is in the US. Here’s our guide to celebrating Mother’s Day the GIO Gelati way!

The special day usually starts with a simple breakfast and ends with a sweet treat. Since it is Festa della Mamma, mamma is not allowed to lift a finger all day. Bring her pastries and coffee in bed in the traditional Italian way. Lunch is usually at mom’s favorite restaurant, but since we’re all celebrating at home this year, GIO Gelati is here to help turn your home into mom’s new favorite place to eat out! To keep the Italian tradition going, lunch consists of il primo (pasta, rice or similar), il secondo (meat or fish) served together with a il contorno (vegetable or salad). Then comes the grand finale, a treat – usually a cake – to finish off the meal. You and your mom can take part in this tradition, right at home, with our at-home Mother’s Day gelato cake delivery! Wait a minute, something is missing: mamma should also get flowers. And she will because our cake comes with a bouquet of 12 fresh tulips to save you the trip to the florist.

GIO Gelati Mother’s Day cake

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 10th this year, and we are OPEN for business! We know you won’t be going anywhere, so let us take Mother’s Day to you and the gelato-craving mothers in your lives. Mother’s Day is usually the busiest day of the year for restaurants! Of course, that’s all changed during COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean mom should have to miss out on her favorite Mother’s Day treats. 

Gelato and Mother’s Day 2020

Whether she’s miles away or you’ve moved back in with her for quarantine, let mom know you love her this Mother’s Day. We love our mammas, and our mammas love gelato cake and flowers – that’s where GIO Gelati comes in! To all the incredible mothers out there, thank you, and buon appetito!

Don’t know how to order?

Order our Italian gelato cake and flowers on our website for store pickup (San Francisco and San Ramon) or get it delivered right to your door (San Francisco and Marin County only).

You can also find our Mother’s Day cake and flowers on Ubereats, Grubhub, Doordash, or Postmates.