Gelato Brioche: The Sicilian Way to Enjoy Gelato!

As the days lengthen and we mosey on over to warmer and sunnier days, we thought it would be fun to introduce a new way to enjoy gelato. Born in Sicily, the Gelato Brioche is an Italian gelato sandwich enjoyed as a breakfast item. This typical breakfast bun is soft on the outside and creamy on the inside.

How to eat a Gelato Brioche

First things first, pick your flavors! We recommend at least one classic flavor paired with a complimentary fruit flavor. For example, pistachio, hazelnut or stracciatella with strawberry, passionfruit or sour cherry chip. Secondly, decide to eat your gelato brioche sandwich-style or with a spoon. You can savor each bite spoonful by spoonful or jump right in with an all-encompassing bite! The best part is, as you eat, the gelato will melt and soak into the brioche bun!

Where to enjoy a Gelato Brioche

Stop by our shop in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow to grab one of these delectable treats!