Oat Milk is The Secret Behind Our Dairy-Free Flavors

The Secret Behind GIO Gelati’s Dairy-Free Gelato Finally Revealed

Color, Flavor, and Aroma. These are GIO Gelati’s philosophy.

Today we’re talking about milk alternatives. By this, we mean oat, coconut, almond, rice, hazelnut, and cashew milks. Let’s see how we use them to make delicious gelato.

Oat milk gelato flavors

Oat milk is a trendy drink obtained from oat flour, used by many as a cow milk alternative for both health and ethical reasons.

This alternative beverage is particularly interesting because it contains antioxidants that slow down the cell aging process, it has anti-cancer properties, and fibers that support our digestive system.

You will be very positively surprised by GIO Gelati dairy-free chocolate
You will be positively surprised by GIO Gelati dairy-free chocolate.

It’s recommended for weight loss because it contains less fat than cow’s milk. In fact 100 gr of oat milk contains just 47 cal against 63 cal in whole milk.

It’s also rich in folic acid, a nutrient particularly beneficial for those who are thinking of becoming pregnant or are pregnant. Some studies suggest that folic acid might even prevent memory loss.

And in addition to all these properties, oat milk just tastes good. Its subtle flavor makes it the perfect milk substitute for GIO’s dairy-free chocolate gelato. 

The intensity of the chocolate in GIO’s dairy-free chocolate gelato is brought out by the combination of oat milk, water, and 75% dark cocoa. This healthy chocolate gelato alternative is made with natural ingredients and can be ordered in any of our stores or online through the GIO Club membership program. 

Hazelnut milk gelato flavors

GIO Gelati occasionally makes a dairy-free version of the classic nocciola – hazelnut – flavor, using hazelnut milk. The use of hazelnut milk gives our traditional nocciola gelato an intense and unparalleled flavor. Be aware, hazelnut is a seasonal flavor available in the fall and winter seasons, as Italian hazelnuts only become available after the harvest.

Almond milk gelato flavors

The proper way to serve a dairy-free coffee gelato, made by GIO Gelati.
How to serve a dairy-free coffee gelato.

Another notable cow milk alternative that we use in some of our gelato is almond milk. You can find it in our dairy-free coffee-flavored gelato. This gelato is based on an ancient recipe from Puglia called Caffè Soffiato or Caffè Leccese. It’s an iced coffee beverage traditionally served in this beautiful region in southern Italy.

Our almond milk coffee gelato brings the authentic flavor of an Italian summer to California. The caffe-soffiato flavor is one of our specials that we make on occasion.

Almond Trees Blooming Season in California. This is where the almond milk in our gelatos comes from.
Almond trees blooming season in California. This is where the almond milk in our gelatos comes from.

Come experience our dairy-free gelato flavors

By combining classic Italian recipes and California’s favorite milk alternatives we create a particularly healthy and palatable palette of gelato flavors. 

Come to GIO Gelati for all of our delicious dairy-free flavors (we don’t have all the options available all the time):

  • Dairy-free Chocolate, made with oat milk
  • Hazelnut, made with hazelnut milk
  • Coconut, made with coconut milk
  • Caffè soffiato, made with almond milk
  • Pistachio, made with rice milk

We look forward to serving you!

Coconut gelato
Hazelnut gelato

Pistachio gelato
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About Patrizia Pasqualetti, Gelato Chef

Patrizia is a pastry chef specializing in gelato. She comes from a long family tradition of artisanal gelato makers in Orvieto, Italy. Patrizia has shared her experience and knowledge with the Department of Nutritional Science in Milan to support research and experimentation in the gelato field. Her love for original gelato has taken her from the production lab to the Italian national TV and radio, where she has conducted regular programs on food. Patrizia has also been involved in food trade shows with the Slow Food Movement to promote the Italian tradition of gelato making. As Gelato Chef at GIO Gelati, Patrizia makes sure every single pint of gelato, sold at our stores or delivered to the GIO Club members, is carefully prepared according to her original Italian recipe with the best and freshest ingredients.