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Pistacchio di Bronte, the best pistachio for the best gelato

Does the Seasonality of GIO Gelati’s Flavors Matter?

Seasonality is an important part of artisanal gelato. Many of the flavors we all enjoy at GIO Gelati are seasonal gelato flavors. We make every single scoop of gelato with only the best and freshest ingredients. Therefore our production must be in sync with the availability of fruits, nuts, and any other ingredients. Only fresh seasonal ingredients contributes to the flavor, smell, texture, and color of our gelato. Sometimes, a flavor’s ingredient is not available or the quality is not up to our high standards. In that case, we simply stop making that flavor. The flavor will come back to our store only when the missing ingredient becomes available again. The seasonality of many of our gelato flavors is the final proof that we only use natural and fresh ingredients. By the way, you should be very concerned about gelato places offering seasonal flavors all year round.

Let’s see a few examples of seasonal flavors, like seasonal fruit gelato.

Pistachio: how a Sicilian nut became one of our most popular gelato flavors

Pistachios are high quality nuts, but of even higher quality are the pistachio seeds.
Pistachio plants originated in Persia; they were first cultivated in the Fertile Crescent by ancient Hebrew civilizations and they were considered very precious fruits.

The pistachio plant was imported into Sicily by Arab populations. The cultivation became particularly spread in the area of the Etna volcano. The Etna volcano provides a very fertile soil rich in nutrients from the lava giving Sicilian pistachios a unique taste and aroma. The quality of those pistachios are unlike any other variety in the world. It’s the result of the extraordinary combination of a particularly rich fruit and the special soil of the Etna region.

At GIO Gelati, we made the decision to use only Sicilian pistachios. We want our customers to experience the intense flavor of this special nut through our pistachio gelato.

Pistacchio di Bronte: the best pistachio for the best gelato

The variety of pistachio that we use is called Pistacchio di Bronte. This particularly precious fruit is harvested every two years only between the months of August and September. We chose this variety as our best ingredient. We find that Pistachio di Bronte delivers the most color and flavor of all varieties when used in gelato. Our guiding principle is to ensure that our customers will have a full sensory experience of the main ingredient when tasting our final product. The aroma, color and taste found in the raw pistachio nuts are brought to life in the pistachio gelato by GIO Gelati. The taste of our pistachio gelato, made only with Sicilian Bronte pistachios, is faithful to the mix of sweet and slightly salty aroma of the Bronte pistachios. The vivid green color is natural and it reminds us of the sea surrounding the wonderful island of Sicily.

Pistacchio di Bronte, Sicily, a fantastic ingredient for the best pistachio gelato. Image courtesy of Fabio Ingrosso.
Pistacchio di Bronte, Sicily, a fantastic ingredient for the best pistachio gelato. Image courtesy of Fabio Ingrosso.

At GIO Gelati we pride ourselves on respecting the seasonality of each ingredient. Every year, we wait for the newest harvest from Sicily to start making our special Pistachio di Bronte flavor.

Nocciole from Langhe: how Italian hazelnuts become hazelnut gelato

The same principle is true when we make the nocciola – hazelnut – gelato. The nuts that we use for this flavor come exclusively from the Langhe region in Piedmont, Italy. These wonderful, gently rounded fruits are worked into our gelato. We make hazelnut gelato only when we receive the freshly harvested and freshly roasted nuts. We know they will give our gelato an especially intense flavor.

Tonda gentile delle Langhe is the hazelnut variety from Piedmont we selected for our hazelnut gelato.
Tonda gentile delle Langhe is the hazelnut variety from Piedmont we selected for our hazelnut gelato.

California figs: how local figs help us recreate a California summer in a single scoop of gelato

At GIO Gelati we respect the cycle of nature. Soon we will be able to make fig gelato. For this flavor we are grateful to the rich soil and sun of California that produces this fruit. Figs make a very interesting gelato at GIO Gelati because we use the fruit in its entirety: pulp, seeds, and skin. The color of our gelato comes from the color of the skin of the fruit. The skin color ranges from pale to intense yellow. The texture of our fig gelato is enhanced by the crunchiness of the seeds. The flavor that comes from the combination of these elements is honey sweet. At GIO Gelati we always respect the source of our ingredients. We want our fig gelato to reproduce what we experience when we bite into a ripe fig. Although figs mark the beginning of the end of summer, we treasure them. The wonderful California summer climate transforms them into the intense combination of flavor and color we love.

California figs, the richest in flavor. Perfect ingredient for a fantastic gelato flavor.
California figs, the richest in flavor. Image by Gudlyf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Where to try real Italian gelato

When you enter our stores and buy our gelato or when you receive our gelato at home via the GIO Club subscription, we want you to experience the best that nature has to offer through the purity of the ingredients we use. We believe that by respecting nature and its cycles and by producing our gelato in an artisanal way, we will give you a healthy gelato that will alway satisfy your desire for a special treat.