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Sachertorte: The Gelato Flavor for Chocolate Lovers

This winter, enjoy our brand new flavor Sachertorte. Sachertorte is a chocolate cake of Austrian origin. Invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher, a 16 year old apprentice pastry chef and chocolate lover.

Inspired by the winter cakes that brighten our tables this season, I wanted to make this chocolate flavor as an ode to them. Deep notes of dark chocolate with a melody of soft ganache and apricot jam made from strictly organic ingredients produce a song that makes the heart and taste buds soar.

What’s the story behind Sachertorte?

Well… young Franz had to replace a sick chef and was in charge of preparing dessert for Prince Von Mitternich Winnesburg. After thinking for a long time, he decided to combine simple and traditional elements such as chocolate and jam to create his delicate masterpiece. It ended up being a great success and it’s obvious why.

Sachertorte still holds our hearts today. Even the hotel the dinner had been held in is now a “sacred” temple for pastries. Considered one of the most famous chocolate cakes of all-time, this story marks an important moment in Austrian history.

Chocolate is the main ingredient for the Sachertorte gelato flavor from GIO Gelati

A chocolate sponge cake layered and covered in apricot jam? Count me in!

Come try our new Sachertorte gelato!

Sachertorte gelato, a creamy combination of chocolate and apricot, is a match made in gelato heaven.  Stop by one of our shops for a cup or cone.