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New Vegan Gelato Subscription from GIO Club

Now going live: GIO Vegan! GIO Gelati is now starting to deliver to vegan customers the news pure-vegan gelato subscription. A new subscription box with 3 pints of vegan gelato of your choice. Local, fresh, healthy, vegan gelato delivered directly to you!

Is Gelato Vegan?

Let’s start by clearing the air. You have mixed emotions when you hear something is vegan? That’s okay. But, let’s make sure we’re on the same page here. When we say vegan gelato, we mean there wasn’t any dairy involved in the process. But in no way, is that a factor in our decision for the end product. At GIO, our vegan options are gelato first and vegan second.

In other words, we prize getting the perfect flavor and consistency above all else during the gelato-making process. Therefore, that means that if a flavor didn’t need any dairy, then it is also vegan. 

Most of our fruit options are vegan because we use pure water instead of milk to enhance the fruits natural flavor. For example, our passion fruit, raspberry and banana flavors are all just 3 ingredients! Organic fruit, organic cane sugar and water blended to creamy perfection! 

Is Vegan Gelato Healthy?

We make Vegan gelato from a wide array of fresh fruity blends and nut or chocolate flavors that are also good for you! As a result, a lower calorie intake and a smaller chance of upsetting your belly. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that vegan gelato flavors are low in fat and can be up to 20% fewer calories as opposed to their dairy versions.

Want to know the benefits of gelato? Read our article about why gelato is good for you! We believe that picking each fruit in the right season greatly determines our gelato taste, something that we rely heavily on. The seasonality of gelato matters! That’s why we have seasonal flavors, announced at the beginning of each month so we can fully embrace what Mother Nature brings to the table.

“Careful research and respect for each ingredient allow us to offer gelato that is pleasurable from the point of view of taste and aroma. A product aimed at well-being. The choice of working with water and milk alternatives, grants us the true flavor of each ingredient and acts as a study of taste to accompany us in everyday life.”

– Patrizia Pasqualetti, Gelato Chef

How we make Vegan Gelato?

Vegan simply means dairy-free. Containing only the necessities to maintain true flavor and a rich gelato experience. Because gelato is slowly churned over a long period of time, it has the consistency you know and love. But most importantly, this process stays true to the ingredients and differentiates gelato from ice cream. Remember, it’s gelato not ice cream!

Gelato is Our Passion

We’re passionate about gelato and the health benefits of our products. For this reason, we’ve brought over 4 decades of gelato-making wisdom here to the United States to share with you. By hand-picking every ingredient we use, we hope to shape a better tomorrow and a healthier future. 

We believe gelato is the future. 

Try out GIO Vegan Gelato Subscription

Want guilt-free gelato delivered to your door? With GIO Club that’s what you’ll be getting. Browse our large selection of flavors and customise your experience. Contactless delivery every 2-4 weeks means there’s nothing to worry about except how you’re going to enjoy your gelato! We look forward to serving you.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Gelato: GIO’s Most Decadent Flavor


  • Valrhona cocoa powder 74%
  • Oat milk
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Water

Dairy-free Chocolate gelato has a rich chocolate flavor that is intensified by the use of oat milk. It’s made with 74% Valrhona cocoa powder, organic cane sugar, oat milk, and water. Cocoa powder contains high quantities of fiber and minerals. Dairy-free Chocolate gelato is the perfect choice for those who like to avoid cow’s milk and still enjoy their favorite gelato flavor.

What are the characteristics of dairy-free chocolate gelato?

Valrhona cocoa is our favorite ingredient for GIO Gelati dairy-free chocolate gelato.
Valrhona Cocoa is our secret ingredient!

The main ingredient of this gelato flavor is Valrhona cocoa powder. Valrhona is a French premium chocolate manufacturer based near Lyon, France. The company was founded in 1922 by Albéric Guironnet, a renowned pastry chef. We choose the Valrhona brand for most of our chocolate-based flavors because of their natural, high-quality products.

By using organic and high quality ingredients, we ensure that the final product has the most decadent flavor. It also helps us keep a low calorie count and maintain healthy nutritional values. A small cup of dairy-free chocolate gelato (1 serving, 113 grams) has only 140 calories, with a total of 23 grams of sugar. Oat milk provides long-lasting energy as it contains beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that slows down glucose absorption into the blood. Treat yourself to a small cup of dairy-free chocolate gelato after your workout: it will energize you while keeping that low caloric intake.

Chocolate is an extremely adaptable flavor. It can be served at any time of the day and for any occasion. This decadent flavor is a perfect treat for kids. It’s also an excellent choice for adults. We like it served as a dairy-free dessert paired with orange chocolate toppings and a glass of Brandy.

How is dairy-free chocolate gelato made?

The production of this delicious gelato, while being relatively simple, is a work of great precision. Firstly, we mix all of the dry ingredients, then, we add hot water to emulsify. Lastly, we add oat milk, mix everything together, and pour it into our gelato machine. The machine takes the liquid and combines it in a low-temperature environment, thus creating gelato’s soft creamy texture. Although the recipe may seem very easy and straightforward, the delicacy of balancing the right amount of wet and dry ingredients is what makes or breaks the recipe.

How and why do we choose high quality ingredients?

Dairy-free Chocolate Gelato. A premium flavor from GIO Gelati.
Dairy-free Chocolate Gelato. A premium flavor from GIO Gelati.

One of our goals is to offer the best treats while following the ever-changing tastes of our customers. At GIO Gelati, we believe that it’s essential to keep evolving and improving our processes and products to reduce our environmental footprint. That’s why we carefully choose every ingredient to make the most sustainable choices. However, we still want our customers to have a rich and sensual experience when they eat our gelato. Therefore, we do our best to create a product that brings joy and happiness to our clients while respecting the world we live in.

Dairy-free chocolate gelato is the perfect example of our commitment to respect the environment while providing the best sensorial experience. The Valrhona prime chocolate, used at high concentration, makes our dairy-free chocolate gelato more flavorful than the average chocolate gelato. The comparison with ice cream is even more striking. Ice cream contains more added air, more sugar, and cream, all ingredients that cover chocolate’s natural taste.

Experience dairy-free chocolate gelato at GIO Gelati shops

Come to our shops in San Francisco or San Ramon and ask for a little spoon of dairy-free chocolate gelato. Let it slowly melt in your mouth and experience the pleasure of this premium flavor.