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GIO Gelati in Orange County

Did you know you can order our gelato in Orange County? We are happy to say that we are expanding the love of gelato down the beautiful California coast. By using our GIO Membership Program you can get deliveries of gelato right to your home! That means staying safe and getting the best that nature has to offer.

Our gelato is made with all-natural ingredients grown right in the California sun. Spun into gelato with real Italian recipes and actual artisanal experience straight from Italy. Four decades of gelato making wisdom plus the wonderful culinary basket available here in California make a treat you don’t want to miss out on!

With us, you’ll be eating direct from nature. No preservatives or pesky additions. Eat healthy and rest easy with us! We believe gelato is the future.

Live in Orange County?

Get gelato delivered right to your door by joining our GIO Club. Simply select the flavors you want and let us do the rest!

Gelato vs. Ice Cream

If you want to know more about the benefits of gelato, read our blog post about Gelato vs. Ice Cream.

Places to try GIO Gelati in Orange County

Stop by Trenta Pizza and Cucina in Costa Mesa or Gracias Madre in West Hollywood or North Beach!

Spread the word!

Help us spread the word by telling your friends and family down in Orange County about our GIO membership program! After all, one scoop of gelato can go a long way.

Watermelon Gelato: Refresh & Rehydrate

Is it even summer without Watermelon Gelato? Break out your picnic baskets and red & white checked blankets because this flavor will make you want to grab your closest friends and chill in the park.

Watermelons are in season from July through August. At GIO we believe that eating fruit at their peak seasonality is one of the most important things. That’s why our fruit flavors are constantly on being changed. We want to give you the best and working hand in hand with mother nature makes that possible.

Watermelon Gelato health benefits you ask?

Watermelons are high in essential nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A perfect sweet source of hydration that refreshes you. Watermelons are 90% water and are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth with natural sugars.

Watermelons also contain:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamins B1, B5 and B6

Brighten up your day and complexion with this summery flavor.

Our watermelon gelato recipe is made of three ingredients: watermelon, organic cane sugar, and water. It is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and egg-free.

Come try it

Stop one of our GIO locations or order on a delivery app! You’ll want to try this sweet and creamy flavor!

Napa Fig Gelato: An Ode to Mediterranean Summers

Fig gelato! We source our figs directly from Napa County, where figs trees are aplenty and ripe for the picking. Enjoy this seasonal flavor at its peak!

Held in high regard since ancient times, figs bring a lot to the table. Long associated with health and prosperity, you can follow their mention back to the earliest written texts. Native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East, this delicate fruit churned into gelato form is an ode to sun-kissed summers.

What are the Health Benefits of Napa Fig Gelato?

Figs offer soft, chewy bites paired with the perfect amount of crunch from the seeds within them. They provide a wonderful source of natural sugars, minerals and soluble fiber. Moreover, they are known to help reduce high blood pressure, improve digestion, and increase bone density. 

Figs are a good source of:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Copper
  • Potassium

Stop by for a scoop and enjoy the taste of figs enveloped in the summer sun. But, be warned this flavor might transport you to the Mediterranean!

This flavor is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and egg-free. However, most importantly we promise it’s delicious!

Stop by our store or order online

Shop at a GIO Gelati location or check us out on most delivery apps!

You can also order a pint of Napa Fig gelato on our online store:

Peppermint Chip Gelato: Jump into Summer

Peppermint Chip Gelato is our fresh new flavor for the season. Get ready to jump into summer with this new “gusto” as we say in Italian. After a taste of this, you’ll be on your way to hopping back into the swing of things!

Refreshing and digestive, peppermint has an intense aroma that penetrates the palate. Because of this, the flavor can be enjoyed at any time of the day. And that allows for a truly sensorial experience.

A blend of peppermint, organic mint essential oil, organic milk, organic cane sugar, water, and a mix of chocolate shavings make this the perfect in-between for a cream flavor that feels light on the tongue.

Peppermint has a special place in the heart as a cross between watermint and spearmint. As a hybrid, it took the best qualities of both and truly transcended its cousins in both taste and aroma. Native to Europe and the Middle East, peppermint has a rich background that we wanted to share with you.

Is Peppermint Good for You?

Known for its minty aroma and taste, peppermint is often found in breath mints and gum. But there’s more to this popular herb than meets the eye.

For example, did you know peppermint is said to have calming effects? It has been used to treat muscle and nerve pain, common colds and even indigestion. That’s pretty neat for an herb we mainly use as a breath mint!

Peppermint is known to help with:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Colds and flu
  • Nausea
  • Skin irritation and itchiness

Our Peppermint Chip Gelato is a great treat at any time of the day. If you’re a fan of mint and a touch of chocolate this flavor will rock your world! And don’t worry, because it’s gluten-free, nut-free, and egg-free.

Want to Try Peppermint Chip Gelato?

Stop by either of our GIO locations for a cup or cone of minty goodness!

You can also order a pint of Nectarine gelato on our online store:

New Vegan Gelato Subscription from GIO Club

Now going live: GIO Vegan! GIO Gelati is now starting to deliver to vegan customers the news pure-vegan gelato subscription. A new subscription box with 3 pints of vegan gelato of your choice. Local, fresh, healthy, vegan gelato delivered directly to you!

Is Gelato Vegan?

Let’s start by clearing the air. You have mixed emotions when you hear something is vegan? That’s okay. But, let’s make sure we’re on the same page here. When we say vegan gelato, we mean there wasn’t any dairy involved in the process. But in no way, is that a factor in our decision for the end product. At GIO, our vegan options are gelato first and vegan second.

In other words, we prize getting the perfect flavor and consistency above all else during the gelato-making process. Therefore, that means that if a flavor didn’t need any dairy, then it is also vegan. 

Most of our fruit options are vegan because we use pure water instead of milk to enhance the fruits natural flavor. For example, our passion fruit, raspberry and banana flavors are all just 3 ingredients! Organic fruit, organic cane sugar and water blended to creamy perfection! 

Is Vegan Gelato Healthy?

We make Vegan gelato from a wide array of fresh fruity blends and nut or chocolate flavors that are also good for you! As a result, a lower calorie intake and a smaller chance of upsetting your belly. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that vegan gelato flavors are low in fat and can be up to 20% fewer calories as opposed to their dairy versions.

Want to know the benefits of gelato? Read our article about why gelato is good for you! We believe that picking each fruit in the right season greatly determines our gelato taste, something that we rely heavily on. The seasonality of gelato matters! That’s why we have seasonal flavors, announced at the beginning of each month so we can fully embrace what Mother Nature brings to the table.

“Careful research and respect for each ingredient allow us to offer gelato that is pleasurable from the point of view of taste and aroma. A product aimed at well-being. The choice of working with water and milk alternatives, grants us the true flavor of each ingredient and acts as a study of taste to accompany us in everyday life.”

– Patrizia Pasqualetti, Gelato Chef

How we make Vegan Gelato?

Vegan simply means dairy-free. Containing only the necessities to maintain true flavor and a rich gelato experience. Because gelato is slowly churned over a long period of time, it has the consistency you know and love. But most importantly, this process stays true to the ingredients and differentiates gelato from ice cream. Remember, it’s gelato not ice cream!

Gelato is Our Passion

We’re passionate about gelato and the health benefits of our products. For this reason, we’ve brought over 4 decades of gelato-making wisdom here to the United States to share with you. By hand-picking every ingredient we use, we hope to shape a better tomorrow and a healthier future. 

We believe gelato is the future. 

Try out GIO Vegan Gelato Subscription

Want guilt-free gelato delivered to your door? With GIO Club that’s what you’ll be getting. Browse our large selection of flavors and customise your experience. Contactless delivery every 2-4 weeks means there’s nothing to worry about except how you’re going to enjoy your gelato! We look forward to serving you.

Gelato Toppings, Anyone?

You love gelato but want to take the experience to another level? Try out our selection of gelato toppings! Here at GIO, we offer an array of delicious additions both in store and with our GIO Club membership.

The Gelato Toppings Options

Our gelato chef thought long and hard about the best series of combinations she should select to accentuate our gelato. Enriching your gelato experience was of the utmost importance and so an array of natural ingredients was hand-picked.

You can choose from an array of options to top-off your gelato starting with: chopped almonds, hazelnut and pistachio. Next up, a variety of high quality chocolate pearls in various flavors including: dark chocolate, white and hazelnut chocolate, chocolate with raspberry.

How to pair your gelato and toppings

You may think there’s nothing to choosing your gelato toppings, but it can make or break the experience. We recommend:

  • Chopped California almonds paired with gelato flavors such as salted caramel, vanilla and our fantastic pistachio ice cream.
  • Chopped Piedmont hazelnut paired with espresso, tiramisu and cappuccino gelato. In the Italian tradition, hazelnut binds very very well with all those ice creams that have espresso. Try it for yourself!
  • Chopped pistachio with maldon salt can be paired with dairy-free coconut or dairy-free chocolate gelato. Salty and sweet flavors blend well giving your taste buds more to enjoy.
  • Chocolate pearls are a fun addition to any cup or cone. Enjoy garnishing your favorite gelato flavor with GIO’s colorful chocolate pearls.

Any combination can be fantastic, fun and cheerful. The addition of the crunch factor can be a pleasing sensation that everyone can enjoy.

You can try these and other combinations to personalize your gelato and make it a pleasant moment in your daily life.

You can also try all these toppings at home thanks to GIO Club! wherever you are.

How to join GIO Club

First you need to ask yourself, do I want gelato delivered right to my door every two to four weeks? If yes, this is the perfect plan for you. Pick your flavor selection and let us worry about the rest! Visit us at GIO Club to sign up.

2021 a New Year with GIO and Some Gelato

Among Americans who are making New Year’s resolutions for 2021, one of the most common ones is “improving diet” which ranks 4th at 39%. 

Staying in line with your New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t have to be so hard. Let us tell you some of the details so you can rest easy. 

New Year’s Resolutions and Eating Healthy

If you’re saying “I want to eat healthy but it’s just too difficult” then we’re on the same page. But did you know that gelato is good for you?

Just look at the list of ingredients and you’ll notice there isn’t anything you can’t pronounce. We don’t use preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring in our gelato. It’s simply what you see is what you get. 

  • Gelato is both lower in fat and calories compared to ice cream
  • Gelato is made from milk or water, which accounts for less calories and fat and more calcium
  • Gelato contains carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars, which your body can quickly absorb and use as energy.  
  • Gelato, especially when made with milk and/or nuts, contains a high amount of protein
  • Depending on the ingredients gelato can contain enzymes which help your digestive system work better
  • Gelato also contains a high number of vitamins especially the fruit flavors
  • Many gelato flavors are vegan or dairy-free

Want to be more aware of where your food is sourced and the environmental impact you’re making?

Have no fear! We source all of our ingredients locally, supporting small businesses here in California. We also respect the seasonality of our ingredients making for stronger and more natural flavors. This means some of our flavors aren’t available year-round. However, it allows us to always give you the best of the best. 

We also use 100% recyclable packaging to strengthen our bond with mother nature. She is after all, the one that makes it all possible. We owe it all to the rich Earth and the wonderful California sun.

The First Scoop of 2021

It’s possible to stay on track and achieve those 2021 resolutions. We believe in you! And remember if you want to indulge we’ll be here at our shops. After all, what is life without a little indulgence? 

We at GIO Gelati are here to satisfy your cravings, knowing that we are giving our community the healthiest, most natural ingredients. We even deliver right to your doorstep with our GIO Club.

Ciao and Felice Anno Nuovo!

Changing GIO Gelati flavors

How to Change Flavor Selection for Your Next GIO Club Delivery

Changing your favorite flavors for the next GIO Club delivery is very easy! A few clicks and you are done. Watch this short video to learn how.

GIO Gelati Launches GIO Club, The First And Only Italian Gelato Subscription Service in the Bay Area

GIO Club subscription service now available in most of the
San Francisco Bay Area with weekly deliveries

GIO Gelati Press Release

San Francisco, CA – July 14th, 2020: GIO Gelati, maker of the most authentic Italian gelato in the Bay Area, announces the launch of a new gelato subscription service, GIO Club, immediately available to most San Francisco Bay Area residents. Subscribers to the new program will receive regular delivery of Italian gelato to their homes or places of work with the flexibility to customize flavor, quantity and frequency.

Guido Mastropaolo, GIO Gelati CEO, shares the vision: “We created this new service by leveraging what we learned while donating gelato to the elderly of the local Italian community and to the first responders at the San Francisco General Hospital during the pandemic. Receiving gelato at the doorstep always brings out a smile.

With the GIO Club subscription program, the company embraces a new business model bridging the gap between the physical and the digital to make gelato readily available to more people whenever they need it–at home in their freezer!

The company Gelato Chef, Patrizia Pasqualetti, explains the benefits of the GIO Club: “We want to provide all GIO Club members with the opportunity to explore and enjoy all our new and seasonal flavors from the comfort of their homes.” 

GIO Club is the first and only subscription service delivering Italian artisanal gelato. Every single pint of gelato is locally produced in San Francisco using the best local seasonal ingredients to create a healthy and enjoyable dessert that is perfect for kids, adults, and the elderly.

About GIO Gelati: GIO Gelati is a local company founded in San Francisco in 2018 to combine authentic Italian gelato traditions with the best, healthiest and freshest Californian ingredients. GIO Gelati opened its first shop in San Francisco in 2018, and in 2019 it opened a second location in San Ramon City Center.

Video of the Online Announcement

Guido Mastropaolo (CEO) and Patrizia Pasqualetti (Gelato Chef) interviews by Marcia Gagliardi (tablehopper)

GIO Gelati Event Transcripts

Marcia: SF food writer, lived in Italy, gelato as a daily lifestyle, hard to find quality gelato here, introduced to GIO by Viola Buitoni, better than most I’ve had in Italy.

I’m excited to be in conversation with the founders and creators of GIO Gelati, Guido Mastropaolo, CEO, an entrepreneur with a strategic planning and business development background, and an innovator in the media business, and Patrizia Pasqualetti, GIO’s Gelato Chef, a pastry chef who comes from a long family tradition of artisanal gelato makers in Orvieto, Italy. She has appeared on Italian national TV and radio programs sharing her love for the craft of gelato-making. 

If you have any questions for Guido and Patrizia, we’ll have a Q&A at the end of this interview!

So first, let me tell you about GIO Gelati. 

It stands for Gelato Italiano Originale, and it’s pronounced “Joe”–but it’s okay if you call it “gio.” GIO Gelati is a local business that was founded in San Francisco in 2018 to combine authentic Italian gelato traditions with the best, healthiest and freshest Californian ingredients. 

GIO Gelati opened its first shop in San Francisco in 2018 (1998 Union street @ Buchanan), and in 2019 it opened a second location in San Ramon City Center. Their shops are currently open for pickup and delivery and they have just launched a brand-new online membership program called “GIO Club”, the first of its kind, which I am excited for us to talk about more in a few minutes! 

This is something I love about this company–their roots are in Italian traditions and the artisanal craft of making gelato, but with their location in California, they not only integrate local and high-quality ingredients and create new flavors, but they’re innovating this new GIO Club program as well, which we’re excited to be presenting to you today!

Marcia: Guido, what inspired you to open GIO here in SF?

Guido: I have a corporate background, and between Disney and other jobs I had before, I found myself coming to the bay area on business very often and I quickly fell in love with SF. I have always been a food aficionado and, being Italian, I have always had a great passion for gelato. As I discovered the city more and more, I noticed there weren’t many authentic Italian-style gelato shops around. Living in Italy, I grew up walking around the city eating gelato whenever a ray of sunshine came out and this has alway been something I greatly missed whenever I was abroad. This was the motivation to open, then I started to talk about it with Patrizia, whom I knew as one of the best gelato chefs in Italy, and when she said that she would have been ready to join the adventure, I had no more doubts.

Marcia: Patrizia, How do you assess gelato? What goes into making the best gelato?

Patrizia: There are three important characteristics that I always say define our product: smell, color and taste. We pride ourselves on only using natural and fresh ingredients in order to respect and appreciate what the planet gives us. The selection of raw material is extremely important as we don’t add any food coloring or fats such as butter. This enables us to create a product that stays true to the main ingredient’s attributes and give the client the best experience both in taste and health. 

Marcia: Which are the characteristics of GIO’s gelato? What makes it superior?

Patrizia: Our gelato, as I said before, is made with fresh ingredients, so our flavors change seasonally. The fruit flavors are the ones that change the most, as we buy our fruit weekly from local farmer’s markets and farms, so our production depends upon what’s in season. We also vary our milk-based flavors by season in order to always have something new in store as well as adapting our flavors to the temperature and weather. As an example, we can take Salted Caramel which is a winter flavor and was recently replaced by our new recipe of Lemon Crema, which, being lighter, is easier to pair with fruit flavors. We also make everything by hand, so it truly has the artisan touch.

Moreover, what distinguishes us from the competition is our ability to use water as a base for certain flavors, making all our fruit flavors vegan, as well as working with milk alternatives such as oatmilk to create many additional vegan flavors to cater to everyone’s dietary needs and preferences. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our gelato.

Marcia: Guido, we’re just finishing our fourth month of staying at home during the pandemic. It has been an extremely tough period for food businesses. What have you learned from these pandemic times?

Guido: When the lockdown began, we saw a general atmosphere of distress. We have always tried to create joy around us through our work and, although we were stressed by the situation too, wanted to keep bringing some happiness to people, even more so during these challenging times. It’s what inspired us to donate our gelato to first responders and people in need. We started bringing our gelato to the nurses and doctors of the San Francisco Memorial hospital and supporting old italian immigrants with Italian Community Services, mainly in North Beach.

Furthermore, we wanted to help the community in their efforts of staying at home to beat the pandemic and came up with the idea of creating “GIO Club”. This was through trial and error as it was born out of an emergency situation and our clients’ demand to get delivery (not everyone is equipped to deliver gelato like we are), but we are now ready to launch this initiative throughout the bay area. 

Marcia: Guido, what is and how does GIO Club work?

Guido: GIO Club is a membership program so our customers can choose their favorite gelato flavors and have them delivered on a schedule and frequency that works best for them. We’re trying to bring the store to life in their home, even if you live far away.  with this new website, we will reach a broader area, offer a great selection of flavors and more options for our customers. Freedom and flexibility are key parts of the GIO experience in the shops, along with the quality of the product, and we made sure to recreate the same experience online.

We also offer complementary products, like Italian coffee and Sicilian jams, that you can find in our shops, which members can buy and have delivered with their gelato. The product is delivered with our GIO refrigerated truck, keeping our freshly made gelato  at extremely low temperatures. We deliver it in eco-friendly packaging.

Our members will be able to create lovely joyful moments at home. A cup of gelato is a perfect reason to take a break when working from home or when relaxing in the backyard with your family or friends.

M: How much does GIO Club cost? How many flavors can consumers order?

Guido: GIO Solo delivers three pints of gelato every two or four weeks starting at $42 with a one-time set up fee of $11.95. You can choose a different flavor per pint. You can change the flavors for every shipment. 

The GIO Gusto option gives you five mezzo containers (21 ounces each) of gelato every two to four weeks starting at $79, with no setup fee. If you commit to three shipments then Gio will cover your shipping. Otherwise shipping is $5.

Marcia: Is it a big change from a company standpoint?

G: Sure! We are a small business. We started with the traditional gelateria model and now we are ready to bridge the conventional retail style with a digital experience. We want to offer the same experience to our clients, while quickly adapting to evolving social and consumer behaviors. These changes are essential for us to stay in business during the current times but especially to grow while keeping a close relationship with our customers.

Marcia: Patrizia, are the GIO Club members going to have the same choices of flavors as at the store?

Patrizia: Of course! The online list of flavors for GIO Club changes accordingly, and are exactly the same as what a customer entering our shops will experience, we make an effort to add new ones online as soon as we start making them in-shop. The GIO Club and GIO Gelati shop experiences are as similar as they can be.

Marcia: Patrizia, it’s summertime! What are some of your favorite flavors available in GIO Club right now?

Patrizia: California is such a blessed State! The colors of the Summer are so strong, which reflects on the color of the fruits and, therefore, on the color of Gio Gelati: we like to think that we’re sending you a ray of sunshine when you receive GIO Club at home. Some of my favorites right now are peach, apricot and strawberry, all of which are vegan, and made with only water, fresh fruit, and a little sugar. It’s like eating a piece of summer!

Marcia: Guido your shops are open right now?

Guido: Yes, both Union Street and SR are open for Pick-Up and Delivery, so in addition to the possibility to become a member of GIO Club,  you can also come visit us at the store. We love to have people come in, of course, respecting the appropriate safety rules, and share a smile, from under our masks … 

Marcia: We are very excited for the launch of the new GIO Club and wish you the very best with the launch. Everyone, you can visit giogelati.com to learn more about the GIO Club and sign up. Thank you for telling your friends and fellow gelato lovers about it! And a membership in GIO Club is a great gift for friends and family for anyone you can’t see in person right now. Let me tell you, getting a gelato delivery at home is a magical thing. 

As a thanks to everyone who joined us for this presentation, be sure to check your email for a special coupon for the Gio Club that we are emailing you today!

GIO Gelati Event Participants

Marcia Gagliardi – tablehopper.com, Moderator

Marcia Gagliardi is a San Francisco–based culinary personality and writer, well-known for her groundbreaking 14-year-old tablehopper e-column, an established insider resource for the latest SF Bay Area restaurant and bar news, events, and more. Her column (and hunger-inducing @tablehopper on Instagram) are avidly read by a loyal following of both consumers and the F&B industry. As a freelance food writer, she has written for countless publications and guidebooks, including the Louis Vuitton City Guide 2017: San Francisco and 2013, Travel + Leisure, and Condé Nast Traveler. She has had numerous television and radio appearances (including her own weekly radio spot), and is known for her memorable events featuring many top-tier clients, including Louis Roederer Champagne, Campari America, and Rémy Cointreau.

Guido Mastropaolo, GIO Gelati – CEO

With a strategic planning and business development background and innovator in the media business, Guido has led a number of high-ranking executive positions at Disney (VP Worldwide), La Repubblica, Mondadori, and De Agostini (Managing Director France) in Europe and around the world. An entrepreneur with experience with several startups (primarily in the digital business realm), Guido is committed to the adventure of taking his passion for the best gelato and helping to elevate it in a country he loves: the United States.

Patrizia Pasqualetti, GIO Gelati – Gelato Chef

Patrizia is a pastry chef specializing in gelato. She comes from a long family tradition of artisanal gelato makers in Orvieto, Italy. Patrizia has shared her experience and knowledge with the Department of Nutritional Science in Milan to support research and experimentation in the gelato field. Her love for original gelato has taken her from the production lab to the Italian national TV and radio. Patrizia has also been involved in food trade shows with the Slow Food Movement to promote the Italian tradition of gelato making.