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It’s Spring! Time for gelato!

It’s the 20th of March and you know what that means: spring is here! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and lots of wonderful fruit are finally in season! These next 3 months are full of exciting new flavors. Let’s talk about what’s coming up.

Upcoming Events with GIO Gelati

Join us this Sunday in San Ramon at City Center Bishop Ranch to enjoy a cup of gelato free for kids under 12 while supplies last (100 person cap). Let’s celebrate the coming of spring together!

Spring Gelato Flavors

This March you can find a wonderfully creamy Blood Orange gelato so fill up on it while you still can!

For April, we are exited to announce some new and delicious fruity gelato flavors. Introducing Lemon & Ginger gelato and a rich Blueberry gelato.

High quality Italian goods

Want to enjoy the taste of Italy at home? Browse our selection of imported goods on our online store or at our locations!

Where you can find us

Come to our shops in either San Francisco or San Ramon. You can also get gelato delivered to you using Caviar, Grubhub, Postmates, Doordash or UberEats!

New Products In-Stores Now

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a small selection of quality Italian products in our stores this holiday season. This array was inspired by the 5th annual week of Italian cuisine in San Francisco organized by The Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco.

These new products all follow GIO’s philosophy of color, flavor and aroma. In fact, they bring a lot to the table. These all natural products are special not only for their high quality ingredients but also for the wonderful history and tradition behind them. Here at GIO, we take pride in picking the best of the best and sharing what we know with you.

We would like to introduce you to some of our favorite brands: SabadiPariani, and Chiaverini.


If you like chocolate then of course you’ll love Sabadi. They make chocolate according to the age-old Modica cold working process. This process fully preserves the cocoa’s unique and aromatic notes and the ingredients’ beneficial properties. We’re excited to share a variety of their products with you, all organic and all delicious.


The story of the Pariani brand is one for the books. Giovanni Pariani’s passion and skill for Italian pastries has changed the world itself. If you have tried their Panettone then you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

In our stores, you’ll find an array of Pariani products ranging from Hazelnut Spread to Pistachio & White Chocolate Pralines. Their selection of excellent raw materials and cutting-edge pastry techniques guarantee a product with a refined balance between tradition and novelty. 


The Chiaverini brothers have been making organic jams and marmalades since 1928. Starting just outside the walls of Florence, they selected fruit from the local farmers and transformed them into jams. 90 years later, they are a family name and not without good reason. By using the same recipes that have been handed down generation after generation, their jams and marmalades have become a literal taste of history. We just can’t recommend them more!

Want a little bit of everything? 

No worries, you can get a one of our pre-made bundles or hand-pick each item. In fact, don’t worry about treating yourself this holiday season. Eat well and enjoy the little things!

Where can you get the goods?

Come to our shops in San Francisco or San Ramon and browse the selection of goodies or take a look at our online store! 

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