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Nectarine Gelato Flavor at GIO Gelati in San Francisco

Seasonal Gelato Flavors: Peach

Ah summertime, marked by longer days and warmer nights. Summer aromas fill the air: sea salt, sunscreen, hot pavement and chlorine. A fresh array of fruit begins to hit the stores and farmers’ markets. At GIO Gelati this change in season marks a shift in the fresh gelato flavors we offer. We always use the freshest ingredients for our gelato, so we only use seasonal fruits for our sorbets! All of our vegan gelato flavors are made through the simple combination of water, sugar and the most succulent seasonal fruits we can find. This allows our customers to experience the freshness of California produce.

Right now, peaches are in season, so the peach and its many variations are what we are using to make our gelato. This includes the white peach, yellow peach, nectarine and apricot. Through the gelato-making process, we make sure to retain each fruit’s original pulp, creating an end product that stays true to its rich texture and flavor.

Every fruit that nature gifts us has qualities that remain imprinted within our “food/taste memory.” These qualities become part of our legacy and accompany us in the path of life, forming a story of emotions and memories through flavor.

Let’s consider the peach varieties we use as ingredients for our seasonal gelato.

The Yellow Peach

The yellow flesh peach is a common type of peach, which becomes a dense and deeply colored paste during the gelato-making process. The vivid tones of the yellow peach mimic the warmth and coloring of the sun’s rays, shifting to a sunset red orange as it ripens. The yellow peach emits an unmistakably summertime perfume that grows in potency the riper the fruit gets and that we capture in our gelato.

The Nectarine

The nectarine peach has a unique, arguably more interesting character. It is defined by its smooth skin, along with its coloring, varying from deep red to bordeaux purple, and everything in between. Its lavish scent distinguishes it from its peach sisters. The skin of the nectarine is remarkably more flavorful in smell and taste than its pulp because of the way it absorbs heat from the sun. As such, flavor permeates the nectarine through the skin, giving it a boldly sweet taste as it matures. For this reason we include the skin together with the pulp of the organic nectarines that we use for our gelato.

The White Peach

The white flesh peach is the most gentle of the bunch, both in terms of scent and flavor. Rosy skin, white pulp, and delicate aroma define the would be “runt” of the peach family. But don’t you dare underestimate her. Exquisite, but mighty, the white peach has a subtle way of making its taster succumb to its charms. This diaphanous fruit transforms into a light and creamy gelato, and pairs as the perfect foil to the summer heat.

The intersection of senses and emotions that we are able to explore through the appreciation of nature’s fruits defines GIO Gelati’s mission in the ability to create, experiment and establish a “food memory” through our product.

Nectarine Gelato Flavor at GIO Gelati in San Francisco
Nectarine Gelato Flavor at GIO Gelati in San Francisco